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The basic problem now - is instability an economic situation

Equipment maintenance and repair policy and diagnostics of electrical equipment


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General overview of Russian vibration control instruments
Beginners have only two questions: which vibration control instruments are available on the market and which instrument do we need. Apparent simplicity of these questions hides the whole depth and complexity of using of vibration diagnostics methods in practice

Key words: Vibration. Diagnostic. Method. Instrument.


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Random cyclic check of high-voltage circuit-breakers
As more adequate alternative to customary system of scheduled repair, repairing at real necessity finds more and more acceptance. The most important condition for changing to such type of repairing is periodical survey of current equipment status. According to its results solutions concerning continuation of operation or necessity of repairing are taken.

Key words: repairing, switch,ststes of eqvipment, expluatation.

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New transformers manufactured by ETK BirZST OAO

Pump equipment in water-treatment systems for the needs of power-engineering
It was stated that water treatment measures effect a fuel saving in the range from 20 to 40%, boilers equipment operating period grows to 25-30 years.

Sealing materials made of thermal expanded graphite of new generation
Article on new materials made on the base of thermal expanded graphite which enable to influence operating safety, life and cost effectiveness of equipment.

Air separating units

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The testing methodology of welding machines, insulation and step-down transformers


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Heat recovery of coolants is one of the important aspects of energy saving

Today more and more attention is paid to the problem of energy saving, different ways of reduction of energy consumption are searching. Various plans dedicated to reduce energy consumption are considered and put into action including ones with attraction of financial resources. At the same time still takes place heat extraction from different types of cooling liquids for the purpose of its following use, which is an exception rather than a rule.

Key words: heat, cooling liquids, exception rather.

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Comparative offers analyses at the market of safety equipment for protection against the effect of electrical arc

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